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Why Every Company Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

Most business owners are savvy enough to recognize the important of having business insurance.  The typical policy provides a level of protection to the owners in the event of some type of unforeseen event, such as a fire, tornado, loss of habitability of office space, flood, or other calamity. What many business owners fail to consider is how to maintain production and/or service levels for clients after the unexpected event, but before things are back to normal for the organization.

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Top 5 IS Mistakes Committed by Walker John Doe Prosecutors

Late last year, a Wisconsin DOJ report was unsealed relating to the John Doe investigations against the Scott Walker campaign. The details within the report, and carelessness on display, left many IT and risk management officials shaking their heads.  Your organization can learn from the mistakes made by investigators.  Here are the Top 5 Information Security Mistakes committed by the John Doe prosecutors.

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