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April Showers Bring May Dress Code Problems

As temperatures rise outside, many small business owners or office managers will be presented with an annual HR challenge – addressing situations where employees are not dressed appropriately for work.  For many, the arrival of Spring signals wardrobe adjustments that may or may not be in line with how that person’s employers want the company’s image to be represented.  

To minimize the amount of time spent addressing this issue, an owner or manager should first

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What Happens To Your Pet After You Pass Away?

Under state law in Wisconsin or Illinois, a person's pet is essentially considered personal property of the estate at the time of the owner's death; meaning that probate system views the pet is just another asset to be "distributed" to an heir.  Owners may, at some point, have had a conversation with a friend or relative and come to the conclusion that they had identified someone to take in the animal if necessary.  It is important to remember, however, several points. 

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Say Goodbye To My Little Friend: The Case Against Removable Storage

IBM made news recently by joining the growing number of businesses which have moved toward prohibiting employee use of removable storage devices such as USB drives or sticks, SD or micro SD cards, and any type of portable hard drive.

These tools were popular only a few years ago - you've likely received one at some point as a branded giveaway - and for good reason; they are easy to use and transport.  These same factors, however, are increasingly being seen as flaws by businesses concerned about the prospect of data loss.

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For Parents of School-Aged Children, 529s Deserve a Look Now More Than Ever

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which became effective at the beginning of this year, permits parents to withdraw from a 529 plan to pay for up to $10,000 in tuition expenses.  This change in federal law applies to tuition costs for public, private or parochial schools (but not homeschooling).

This is a potentially huge benefit for parents, because

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Why Every Company Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

Most business owners are savvy enough to recognize the important of having business insurance.  The typical policy provides a level of protection to the owners in the event of some type of unforeseen event, such as a fire, tornado, loss of habitability of office space, flood, or other calamity. What many business owners fail to consider is how to maintain production and/or service levels for clients after the unexpected event, but before things are back to normal for the organization.

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Review the Seller’s Disclosure Form Prior to Closing on a Home Purchase

If you are purchasing a home in Wisconsin, prior to closing the seller will usually provide you with a property disclosure form. State law requires that home sellers disclose any condition or defect that would result in a significant negative effect on the property value, significantly impair the health or safety of future occupants, or significantly shorten or negatively affect the normal life of the property.

The information contained within the seller’s disclosure document will help you to determine whether (1) property flaws will require repair prior to closing, (2) the offer price needs adjustment, or (3) the defects warrant outright cancellation of the offer.

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Top 5 IS Mistakes Committed by Walker John Doe Prosecutors

Late last year, a Wisconsin DOJ report was unsealed relating to the John Doe investigations against the Scott Walker campaign. The details within the report, and carelessness on display, left many IT and risk management officials shaking their heads.  Your organization can learn from the mistakes made by investigators.  Here are the Top 5 Information Security Mistakes committed by the John Doe prosecutors.

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