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Red Oak Law LLC is a boutique real estate, estate planning, and business law practice located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Real Estate

Real help regarding real estate.

buying or selling a home

Buying or selling real estate can be a stressful event, in part because it's something that most people only do a few times over the course of their lives. Whether you are preparing to sell or purchase a piece of real estate, Red Oak Law can address your concerns while helping you navigate the nuances of real estate transactions.

property defects

Sometimes buyers are surprised to discover an undisclosed defect in the home they just bought. If this happens to you, it isn't always clear what you can do about it.  In certain scenarios, the buyer may be able to recover damages for purposely failing to disclose. Let Red Oak Law guide you through your options to deal with this common situation.

title issues

Occasionally, property owners discover that a previously unknown problem exists in regard to the chain of title on their land. Things like easements, recording errors, encumbrances, and boundary disputes can all affect your enjoyment of your property or your ability to sell.  Red Oak Law will help resolve these issues in an efficient manner.

property transfers

A property owner may decide, for a variety of reason, to transfer his or her ownership interest out of his or her name and into the name of another entity or individual. Whether you choose to transfer property to a loved one, a charity, or a business entity, Red Oak Law will help make the transaction as smooth as possible.


Prospective home purchasers periodically come to the conclusion that none of the properties up for sale in their geographic region of choice are sufficient to meet their needs. In many cases, those individuals decide to hire professionals to either build a new home, or remodel their existing residence. If your construction or remodeling did not go as planned and left you sustaining damages, contact Red Oak Law to discuss your recovery options.


Conflicts sometimes arise between a condominium or homeowners association and its member(s). Whether you are an officer of the association or the property owner involved in the disagreement, Red Oak Law can provide aid by working to resolve the issues central to the controversy.


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