Red Oak Law LLC: Real Estate & Estate Planning Attorney
Red Oak Law LLC is a boutique real estate, estate planning, and business law practice located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Business Consulting

We let you focus on what is important.


business formation

Starting a new company is an exciting, yet challenging, undertaking. Most owners do not have enough hours in the day during the startup phase, and would not spend time worrying about the nuances surrounding the creation and rollout of their organizations.  Red Oak Law can perform the groundwork to ensure that you and your new venture start off on the right foot.



The startup and small business marketplace is a dynamic arena that requires you, as owners and/or managers, to often wear multiple hats. Red Oak Law provides strategic input across multiple areas of the business, including a focus on human resources, compliance, efficiency, and KPIs, to allow you to concentrate on what you need to do to keep the business headed in the right direction.



business compliance / risk management

As small businesses grow, they frequently run into challenges maximizing efficiency, adhering to customer requirements, or mitigating risk. Red Oak Law offers consulting in regard to human resources, compliance, and risk management, and can assist your business in identifying, analyzing, and correcting potential weaknesses before they become problems.


succession planning

Business owners are rightfully focused on projecting their business plans over the next year to five years, but what if something happens to the owner?  Red Oak Law can work with you and your organization to put a plan in place to allow your company to thrive, even in your absence.


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